As an Entrepreneur I HAVE BEEN THERE and I want to help you overcome that feeling and HELP YOU unlock the amazing potential that video marketing and online branding can have for you and your business. Now more than ever our buyers are online and you need to be as well. 


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  • 13 - 1 Hour Group Coaching/Training Call:  The 90 Day Challenge will include a 1 hour Group Call and Training with all attendees and Brandon T. Adams each week. Get the chance to chat face to face with other 90 Day Challenge Course Attendees and hold each other accountable during the Challenge. Brandon will push you each week and you will get an opportunity to ask him questions about your business and your own Brand.
  • 13 - Weeks of Course Trainings: Get 13 weeks of short course teachings released week by week to help you stay on track throughout the 90 days. Each Week you will be given proven strategies to implement in your own business and you will be pushed to Take Action!
  • Weekly Challenges: Are you ready for a challenge? Each week a new challenge will be released for you to complete for that week. Attendance in challenges will be monitored throughout the duration of the course and will go toward winning the cash prize. Are you competitive? Good! May the Best Competitor WIN!
  • ​BONUS Cash Prize: Who doesn't want a little extra CASH? That's right. Cold Hard Cash is up for grabs at the end of the 90 days. One winner will receive a grand prize of $1,000 based on their attendance and completions of the weekly challenges.
  • 90 Day Success Tracker: Keep track of your goals and daily videos with the 90 Day Success Tracker PDF exclusive for this program.

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Your 13 Week Learning Deliverables
That will allow you to Grow your Business!

Week 1

Welcome to the 90 Day Challenge
You will set your goals for the 90 Day Challenge and you will have some initial tasks to take action on to help your conversions increase with a few changes on your social media profiles. Your audience will notice the difference in your Brand in Week 1!

Week 2

What Does Your 
B.R.A.N.D. Look Like?
Whats Your B.R.A.N.D. Look Like?
We will go over your B.R.A.N.D. Strategy and how you want others to view you when they come across your pages and social media content. We will go over the different strategies and what's right for you.

Week 3

How to Start a Blog

You will learn how to write an effective blog and best practices for writing. We will go over ways to multipurpose your blog so you can reach the biggest audience and get the most leads with 1 piece of writing.

Week 4

How to Write a Book

You will learn how to land a publishing deal for your book or just take the self-publishing route. We will go over best practices for writing the book and selling it! By the end of the 90 days you could have a book published and selling on the market, and maybe even be a #1 best seller! (We have had members write and publish their book in 30 days or less)

Week 5

The Power of Recording Content
Whats Your B.R.A.N.D. Look Like?
We will talk about what to say on camera, how to look like a pro, and what to do with the videos once you have recorded them. You will learn the exact process our members have used to generate $10,000 plus in Revenue in less than 90 days from their video content created during the challenge.

Week 6

Your Guide to Speaking Engagements
You will learn how to master your communication skills and become an effective public speaker that gets your message across to your audience. We will go over strategies that will allow you to get your first paid speaking gig or get paid more for a 60 minute keynote. Learn the process to get paid 5 figures for 1 60 minute keynote.

Week 7

Everything You Need to 
Start a Podcast
Whether you are just launching your podcast or are a seasoned podcaster we will go over strategies that can help you get more listeners for your show and how to monetize your show with no sponsors. We will talk about ways to make big business deals with your podcast when the mic is off.

Week 8

How to 
Utilize Your Network
Whats Your B.R.A.N.D. Look Like?
You will learn how to utilize your current network to make more money and also how to get into business with your ideal people. We will go over strategies that will allow you to connect with anyone.

Week 9

Events 101 

We will go over ways for you to put on your own event whether that is a small mastermind group, large speaker event with hundreds of people, or a fundraiser that allows you to raise money for your favorite charity.

Week 10

How to Deliver Value
 Every Time
Are you adding enough value to your clients? We will show you ways to add value to your clients that you may have never thought of before. This will allow you to have repeat customers and get more referrals for your business.

Week 11

Advertising on Social Media Platforms
Whats Your B.R.A.N.D. Look Like?
We will talk about paid advertising and best ways for you to do paid ads without having to hire someone to do your social media. Learn how to target your ideal audience and get your videos seen by your ideal clients. You will be able to get more exposure with your paid ads than a local morning show could get you.

Week 12

Using Testimonials & Referrals

Learn how to utilize your testimonials and current clients to increase your revenue in less than 90 days. We will talk about ways to get your ideal testimonials on camera and what you can do with them to reach your prospects.

Week 13

Putting It All Together
In Week 13, we will go over everything you have accomplished and will give you best tips on what to do after the challenge. We will also announce the Winner of the 90-Day Success Challenge and reward them a CASH Prize! Will you be the Winner of the Challenge?
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Working with Brandon
Fabian Aquino
Michael Dash
Brett D. Scott  - Please note this testimonial is from The One on One 90 Day Challenge (not the online course)
Morgan Pool  - Morgan participated in Brandon T. Adams 90 Day Coaching Program

About the 90 DAY CHALLENGE

My name is Brandon T. Adams and I've spent the past 6 years building my own brands such as Live to Grind, Accelerant Media Group, Success in Your City and many more. 

Over the past years I've worked with over 100+ Entrepreneurs within Real Estate, Small Business, Authors and Speakers. I've also worked with Actors, Musicians, Professional Athletes, and even Sharks on Shark Tank by helping build their brand and influence online through my proven Brand Building System

Now, I want to help even more Entrepreneurs build their brand, which is why I have created the 90 Day Challenge. 

The 90 Day Challenge is a 13 Week Online Course that leads you through trainings, challenges and teaches you everything you need to know about Video Marketing and Branding your business online from your very own home.

 This online learning system will show you exactly how I've built my own brands and how I've helped many others build their brand online.

    Will You Be the Next Success Story?
    Kevin Harrington
    "I've been in business for over 40 years and made millions of dollars...but even with all that success, I still learn something new from Brandon every single time we get together."
    John Lee Dumas
    "I recommend Brandon T. Adams to everybody who comes to me asking about the success of my crowdfunding campaign."
    Christina Kalsan
    "Brandon will keep you accountable....I know for a fact that Brandon is going to change my life....Don't hesitate."
    "Best decision ever to work with Brandon T. Adams. Love being surrounded by high achievers doing big things, fast!"
    ANDRIA Schultz
    "Because of Brandon, I am where I'm at right now. I cannot thank him enough. You'd be silly to pass up investing in the opportunity to work with him."
    Johnathan Blayer
    "I encourage anybody who's thinking about it to go for it!"