• Publish a Book
  • Create your Own Podcast
  • Create A Keynote Speech
  • Network Successfully
  • Organize Your Own Event
  • Build Powerful Relationships
  • ​Learn from the Best in the Business
  • ​Add Value to Your Clients
  • ​And more....


About the Success Academy...

My name is Brandon T. Adams and I've spent the past 6 years building my own brands such as Live to Grind, Accelerant Media Group, Success in Your City and many more. 

Over the past years I've worked with over 100+ Entrepreneurs within Real Estate, Small Business, Authors and Speakers. I've also worked with Actors, Musicians, Professional Athletes, and even Sharks on Shark Tank by helping build their brand and influence online through my proven Brand Building System

Now, I want to help even more Entrepreneurs build their brand, which is why I have created the Success Academy.

The Success Academy is a Video Marketing and Branding Academy. This online learning system will show you exactly how I've built my own brands and how I've helped many others build their brand online.

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    From The "Original Shark on ABCs Shark Tank"

    "Brandon has a gift for teaching. I’ve sat in the audience and watched, I’ve shared the stage with Brandon and I have no doubt his message resonates with Entrepreneurs. We are watching the launch of one of America’s New Generational Leaders. I highly suggest working with Brandon."

    Kevin Harrington - The Original Shark on ABCs Shark Tank and Inventor of the Infomercial


    An Online Academy Built for Entrepreneurs Just Like You!
    Get Access to the Proven System that will help you Build your Brand, Influence, and Income! 

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    What You'll Learn in the Academy

    • Publish a Book: Have you ever wanted to become a Best Seller of your own book? In the Academy you will get to  Learn from New York Times Best Selling Author Joel Comm, and also learn the secrets how Brandon has launched some of the biggest Book campaigns online.
    • Record Your Own Video Content: Brandon shares how to create and publish video content on social media which leads to more clients, opportunities, and influence online. Brandon has invested over $500,000 in video content and has produced and hosted 3 TV Shows that have aired on Amazon Prime, Entrepreneur Network, Facebook Watch, Apple TV, and Roku.
    • Create your Own Podcast: Learn from Brandon and other seasoned podcasters such as Lewis Howes, John Lee Dumas, Amanda Boleyn, and more in the Academy. Not only will you learn how to create your own Podcast Show, BUT how to utilize it to build your own audience, build more connections, and make more money online. 
    • ​Create A Keynote Speech: Learn how to create your own Keynote Speech and land yourself on stages around the country. Brandon gets paid $15,000 - $25,000 per speaking gig and has also successfully sold his products on stages around the country.
    • Network Successfully: Have you ever heard, it's all about who you know?  As an Entrepreneur with your own Brand, it is is KEY to Learn the Tips and Tricks of how to Network with the Top Influencers in your Industry and how to become partners with them in Business.
    • Organize Your Own Event: Learn how to put on your own Events that range from Speaker Events, Charity Fundraisers, Masterminds, Theater Premieres, and More. Brandon has successfully launched over 100 events around the country mainly under the event brands that include Young Entrepreneur Convention, Live to Grind, and Success in Your City.
    • Build Powerful Relationships: Learn how to build powerful business relationships with Billionaires, Sharks, Celebrities, and the Top 1% Experts in specific industries.  Brandon has partnered with and went into business with some of the biggest names and companies out there.  Brandon has worked with High-Profile Entrepreneurs such as Kevin Harrington, Jeff Hoffman, John Lee Dumas, Joel Comm, and organizations such as XPRIZE, the Napoleon Hill Foundation, ShipChain, and More.
    • ​Best Branding Tips: Greg and Brandon share their best Branding Tips for 2020 and what you should be focusing on over the next 6-12 months to grow your business.
    • Find Your Competitive Advantage: Greg and Brandon share their own perspectives on Video and how you can use it to gain a competitive edge over your competition.
    • Adding Value to Your Clients: Learn various ways to add more value to your clients so they keep buying from you and become your raving fans and referrals to gain more business.
    • ​Branding Examples: Brandon and Greg share exact strategies on how they would build their brand and business if they were a Real Estate Agent or a Personal Trainer. They also share examples that relate to any industry.
    • Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Greg and Brandon share their experiences on how they created the TV Show Ambitious Adventures, they share what they did with it to grow their business and also the mistakes they made along the way.  Ambitious Adventures is now available to stream on Amazon Prime, Facebook Watch, and the Entrepreneur Network!
    • Bonus: As Brandon travels the country and films amazing content with other Influencers and Business Icons, he will share with you the the Video Footage and behind the scenes content that isn't shared publicly. You will always have access to his greatest tips and tricks that help you build your Brand.

    Join the Success Academy Today
    for 1 Low Payment of:


    Regular Price $497
    Will You Be the Next Success Story?
    Kevin Harrington
    "I've been in business for over 40 years and made millions of dollars...but even with all that success, I still learn something new from Brandon every single time we get together."
    John Lee Dumas
    "I recommend Brandon T. Adams to everybody who comes to me asking about the success of my crowdfunding campaign."
    Christina Kalsan
    "Brandon will keep you accountable....I know for a fact that Brandon is going to change my life....Don't hesitate."
    "Best decision ever to work with Brandon T. Adams. Love being surrounded by high achievers doing big things, fast!"
    ANDRIA Schultz
    "Because of Brandon, I am where I'm at right now. I cannot thank him enough. You'd be silly to pass up investing in the opportunity to work with him."
    Johnathan Blayer
    "I encourage anybody who's thinking about it to go for it!"
    Meet Sabah,
    TEDx Speaker,
    #1 Best-Selling Author
    • Gave a TEDx Talk in Hudsonville, MI, 2018
    • Became a #1 Best Selling Author, 2018
    • Created the Clothing line "Unforgettable by Sabah", 2018
    • Joined Brandon's Live to Grind Mastermind, 2017
    • Joined Brandon's Accelerator Program, 2016
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