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We have Worked with Entrepreneurs in Almost Every Industry and have helped them build their brand and influence online through our proven system. Right Now,You Can Apply to Work with Us.
Are you Ready to Become the Top in Your Business?
Kevin Harrington "Original Shark of ABCs Shark Tank" and Brandon T. Adams "Emmy Award Winning Producer" are coming together to put on a Million Dollar Branding Event.

Kevin and Brandon both have built Million Dollar Brands for themselves and have worked with 100s of Entrepreneurs in Building their own Brands.

Over the past 4 years they have worked together on many projects together from producing TV Shows to launching marketing campaigns for books to events and consumer products. Their Biggest Success Story from their Events has been a $100 Million Dollar Product called "Peeps" the Eyeglass Cleaner.

March 16th-17th Kevin and Brandon are putting on the Million Dollar Branding Event where you will get the opportunity to work directly with them and their Team on Building Your Brand!
Event Details
  • March 16th Schedule
  • 3:00 - 4:30 pm Mastermind with Mark Timm and Brandon T. Adams:  Mark and Brandon will work with you in crafting your messaging for your Brand. They will share the Branding Tactics that they have used and will give you direct feedback on what you should be doing on a weekly basis to build up your brand and to attract more sales for your Business.
  • 4:30 - 5:30 Hotseat Pitch Opportunity: Pitch your Business to Kevin Harrington and his Team and get direct Feedback on how you can grow your Business. Kevin is looking for Businesses to either partner with or invest in.
  • 5:30 - 6:30 Fireside Chat: Mark and Brandon will interview Kevin on his experience taking over 20 companies to over $100 Million Dollars in Revenue and what he has learned in the process of Building some of the Biggest Brands in History including Jack LaLanne, Tony Little, 50 Cent, and More.
  • 6:30 - 8:00 Mastermind Dinner: Have a Private Dinner with Kevin, Mark, and Brandon and Mastermind on your Goals, Business opportunities, and how to best work together in the Future.
  • March 17th Schedule: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • ​Filming at Pitch Media Studio: Film with Kevin and Brandon's Team in a Million Dollar Studio. While in Studio you will get the opportunity to Film on Camera with Kevin Harrington and work directly with Emmy Award Winning Producer Brandon T. Adams on helping you become a Pro on Camera and Create the Videos that will help you Sell and Communicate Your Message Effectively. 
  • Funnel Creation Videos: During your Film day you will be creating Videos that will be used in your Funnel that Kevin and his Team will be creating Custom for You. They will work with you on the copy and messaging and help craft a script for you.
  • Coaching with Brandon T. Adams: During the Film day Brandon will be Coaching you prior to going on Camera and will also do a follow up coaching session with you within 30 days following the event to ensure you have the right video marketing strategy in place to utilize your Funnel that we create for you.

    Film with Emmy Award Winning Producer
    Brandon T. Adams

    To Become the Best you have to Learn from the Best!
    Learn from the Best in their Industry who have Built Million Dollar Brands and have Built Multiple Successful Businesses.
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    Going ANY Further
    From The "Original Shark on ABCs Shark Tank"

    I'm Looking forward to working directly with you on your Brand. Together we will create video content and craft your pitch to ensure your Success in Business. Beyond Building your Brand, I'm looking for Entrepreneurs to Partner with for Future Business Opportunities.

    Here's to Your Success!

    Kevin Harrington - The Original Shark on ABCs Shark Tank and Inventor of the Infomercial

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    See What Others Have Said About Going through our Proven System.
    Brandon will hold you accountable and push you to do things that you know you need to do in order to advance your business. I’ve done more in the past 90 days then I’ve done in almost the entire year. Brandon has changed my life. Working with Brandon has brought up so many opportunities and partnerships, I can’t say enough good things about Brandon. If you are hesitating on working with Brandon, don’t hesitate. You will have Brandon by your side keeping you fully accountable for everything and he is surrounded by some of the best people in business.

    I’m now working with some of the best in the industry and I'm also launching my own TV Series Lightbulb to Launch later this year!
    The 2 Billion Dollar Lady - Product Development Expert
    Christina Kalsan
    Brandon helped me with building the initial foundation for my Brand Awareness online.  He helped me with organizing my talking points, structuring my video interview series, and he has helped me become more comfortable recording video content.
    Author of "Chasing the High" and Keynote Speaker
    Michael G Dash
    More Success Stories...
    We want you to be our next 'Success Story'!
    Kevin Harrington
    "I've been in business for over 40 years and made millions of dollars...but even with all that success, I still learn something new from Brandon every single time we get together."
    John Lee Dumas
    "I recommend Brandon T. Adams to everybody who comes to me asking about the success of my crowdfunding campaign."
    Christina Kalsan
    "Brandon will keep you accountable....I know for a fact that Brandon is going to change my life....Don't hesitate."
    "Best decision ever to work with Brandon T. Adams. Love being surrounded by high achievers doing big things, fast!"
    ANDRIA Schultz
    "Because of Brandon, I am where I'm at right now. I cannot thank him enough. You'd be silly to pass up investing in the opportunity to work with him."
    Johnathan Blayer
    "I encourage anybody who's thinking about it to go for it!"
    Listen to people Kevin has worked with over the years..
    See What Others Have Said About Working Directly with Kevin Harrington

    Billy Gene 
    "Billy Gene is Marketing"

    Dean Graziosi
    "New York Times Best Selling Author"

    Daymond John
    "Shark on ABCs Shark Tank"

    what if You were able to Build your Brand, Influence, and Income this year?
    TEDx Speaker,
    #1 Best-Selling Author
    • Gave a TEDx Talk in Hudsonville, MI, 2018
    • Became a #1 Best Selling Author, 2018
    • Created the Clothing line "Unforgettable by Sabah", 2018
    • Joined Brandon's Live to Grind Mastermind, 2017
    • Joined Brandon's Accelerator Program, 2016
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