How to Achieve Success in Business, Life, and Love
Join Brandon T. Adams and Samantha Rossin as they share their real-life experiences of traveling the country and filming the TV Series Success in Your City. Along the way, you will learn about Success from others who have achieved their own unique version of Success. Brandon and Samantha share with you what they learned and the obstacles they had to overcome during their own journey to Success.  After reading this book you will have the answers and road map you need to achieve your own version of Success.
“I got to work directly with Brandon and Samantha during the filming of the Scottsdale, AZ episode of Success in Your City. I’ve coached many entrepreneurs and business owners in my career, and it’s always refreshing to experience the perspective of big thinkers like Brandon and Samantha! They aim high, act boldly and take massive action to move their dreams forward with persistence and grit! They show a way for others to also do what it really takes to achieve your biggest dreams, overcome obstacles, and keep moving forward with passion and heart!”

Mandi Monaghan - Co-Founder of The Monaghan Group Realty and Transformational Leadership Coach
“I’ve worked with the biggest of brands and TV personalities in the infomercial industry and have generated over $5 Billion in product sales in my career. I know the success traits necessary to make it in business. Brandon and Samantha got it! You are watching the launch of America’s new generational leaders who are changing the way that you view and achieve success. I highly suggest reading The Road to Success!”

Kevin Harrington - Original Shark on ABCs Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial
Brandon T. Adams and Samantha Rossin, a newly engaged couple, spent 2018 traveling the country on a mission to find the true meaning of success before they tie the knot in marriage. Along the way, they experienced life with individuals who had achieved their own unconventional versions of success. Throughout The Road to Success, Brandon and Samantha bring readers into their own journey as a couple and share with them the lessons they learned that can help one discover their own meaning of success. Each success story and obstacle has its own lessons that provides readers with the wisdom necessary to achieve their own version of success in business, life, and love. After reading The Road to Success, readers find the answers they have been looking for to achieve their own success and happiness in life.

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